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September 1, 2006

Lost Girls Goes to Rushed Third Printing

Earlier this week the publisher Top Shelf Comix began what should be a two- or three-week process of rolling the Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie epic Lost Girls out to various bookstores and comic shops across North America -- with early returns of a high sales ranking and a rushed third printing of the book. This is worth noting for a few reasons: 1) because Top Shelf had to invest a potentially crippling amount of money into the release, 2) because the popular, highly-regarded writer has moved away from mainstream comics and their more demanding schedules, major Alan Moore comics releases are fewer and longer in coming, and 3) the potential roadblocks that could face the book considering the sexual nature of the work.

All in all, this has to be seen as a very good week for the publisher and the project.
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