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August 28, 2006

Lost Girls Orders Exceed First Printing

Chris Mautner at the Harrisburg Patriot-News looks into Top Shelf's publishing effort regarding the release of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls, with an indication that initial orders of the strongly sexual, elaborately designed project have matched the first printing, meaning the book is already into its second printing before its formal drop date.

Asked to clarify when the book was coming out and be available in stores, co-publisher Brett Warnock passed along this note from Top Shelf co-publisher Chris Staros: "Diamond has them (Lost Girls) now, so they should hit stores by Sept 6th, and then another batch on Sept 13th, and then the 2nd printing in Mid-October (as I suspect that the first printing will sell out within a couple of days)."

The first two printings together will apparently cost Top Shelf around $300,000, says the Patriot-News piece. Mautner also talks to local retailers: four of five plan to carry the book, one is waiting for a customer to request it (a reaction which is to be expected due to the cost of the item), and none have decided to pass on ordering the book because of fears of legal hassles or personal concerns concerning its content.

Mautner's review of the work can be found here; part one of a long interview with Alan Moore that ran in the newspaper in some form but isn't yet up on the web site can be found on Mautner's blog, Panels and Pixelsl; Mautner's personal observations on how the Lost Girls suite of articles was used by his paper are here.
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