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March 21, 2017

MAD’s Long-Rumored Move To Burbank Confirmed


Prominent illustrator, caricaturist and MAD veteran Tom Richmond has confirmed publicly what's been rumored for a while -- I'm guessing the rumor was likely public, too, although I'm not sure who was first with the rumor or whatever -- that MAD Magazine will be joining DC Comics out in Burbank and the New York office will close. A small office serving the longtime satirical magazine and iconic comedic touchstone remained behind when the main comics operation went West. I think the source for this and the most recent rumors is the freelance staff being told of the move, which affects them because of either a communicated change or at the very least a potential change in editorial leadership.

MAD had about two decades less history than DC in New York just by virtue of when each came into existence. As Richmond points out, MAD always had a significant element of New York humor based on the model created by its primary creative voices in its first two decades moving forward. I hope a west coast version works out: there's a comedy culture out there for sure, and editing MAD Magazine always struck me as the best gig in comics that no one talks about. There's a chance good work could result. What I would worry is that "MAD" becomes an empty suit, like National Lampoon, with the first step towards that result being that the work itself in the next phase is ordinary and/or lacks focus. Then again, at some point you really are rooting for a word and a memory. We'll know a lot more soon.
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