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May 25, 2017

Man With Weapons, Body Armor And An Apparent Hatred For Cops Arrested At Phoenix Comics Show

Here. This is terrifying in every way, and I'm grateful for the person that alerted the police about their acquaintance. It sounds on a first read/watch that the show, the people there, and the police themselves handled it in an affirmative way.

As to the thinking about, well... shit. I don't know if people dressing up at shows makes it harder to detect someone with bad intentions or whatever, going by the logic that someone in body armor would stand out at a collectible ceramics show more than they might at a comic show. I actually think not, given how aberrative behavior functions and the factors involved in what actually sets people off. The thought of it is not an indictment in even the tiniest way of those fun-loving communities, nor is it one if that does play any sort of practical role with how big shows do their security. I know people are sensitive enough it will be taken that way by someone, so my apologies. It's an outcome of the violence-as-solution culture of comics and western pop-culture more generally, I think.

No matter how this one came together and then came apart, there's certainly ample opportunity for tragedy at every assemblage of people everywhere now. I sometimes have the same feeling on Monday mornings after big shows that I used to have escaping injury as a young person playing sports. All shows need to think about these issues, in brisk, positive and open ways.
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