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June 3, 2009

Marvel Pushes Back Final Order Cutoff Date On Reborn #1; Allows Retailers To Gauge Initial Publicity

The public complaining by a few prominent retailers that they would not be allowed to gauge the initial burst of promised publicity before finalizing their orders on the Marvel comic book that publicity is intended to benefit seems to have done some good: Marvel has pushed back its final order cutoff date on Reborn #1 to June 16. As the lead-in to Captain America #600 will be released to retailers willing to pay for the privilege on June 15, with media coverage promised to accompany it, this enables them to get a final handle on how much demand there will be for the Reborn title. Brian Hibbs has a fine summary and an explanation of possible sales scenarios. From the outside looking in, what seems strange is how stunt-like all of this is, but there's a thin line between smash hit and yet another ordinary comic book in the Direct Market these days.
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