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November 11, 2010

Michael George’s Attorneys File For Evidentiary Hearing On Reported Interview Of Key Trial Witness

The Detroit Free-Press offers up a succinct article on a key filing by attorneys for former prominent retailer and convention organizer Michael George, currently awaiting a new trial on murder charges related to the death of his then-wife when they lived in central Michigan. George was convicted of charges related to the murder in what became a high-profile case because of the lurid comic-shop atmosphere involved and the fact that he was being tried years and years after the fact; he was then ordered a new trial in part based on the dispensation of information about certain witnesses from prosecutor to defense team.

Thus the fact that the new filing is related to a witness causes everyone in the vicinity of the trial and everyone that's been following it to perk up a bit. The basic charge is that a book on the case suggests an interview was done with a witness that the defense attorneys were not made privy to, which could be a potentially powerful charge given the context. The defense team suggests in the article that if it's not true, and no such interview took place, that this could be used against the ability of the witness to separate fantasy from reality. Further filings press after other asserted discrepancies in testimony.

The hearing on this filings will be November 29. It was expected in some corners that a trial would start in 2010, although I have to think that such legal maneuvers make that less likely than were they not being made.
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