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May 3, 2005

Mike Kiley to the top of Tokyopop

I believe this is a pretty straightforward news story, as Mike Kiley assumes further control of Tokyopop's editorial side by taking the position of Publisher following his ascent to the Editor in Chief post last Fall (I double-checked on this, since some reports have him assuming the position presently). Kiley was a co-founder whom I believe left the company briefly but came back and was for a long while linked primarily to the Internet side of their business. Kiley will continue to report to Stuart Levy.

While Tokyopop's success is legitimate and almost publishing legend at this point, I have a hunch it's a mistake to think that the company has settled all the way into a long-term publishing groove. The next few years could potentially be very interesting, if only for the sum total of smaller moves and shifts in points of emphasis.

Please read Robert Boyd's letter of comment for more insight.
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