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January 12, 2017

Milt Gross, HG Peter, Antonio Prohias And Dori Seda To Eisner HOF; Public Nominations Have ‘80s Feel


This year's class of Will Eisner Comic Awards judges has selected four comics-makers for its Hall Of Fame: Milt Gross, HG Peter, Antonio Prohias and Dori Seda. This is a break from the usual two cartoonists being named because of this being the 100th year since Will Eisner's birth. It's hard to imagine that opportunity being better spent in terms of an intriguing, compelling class.

Dori Seda I imagine is likely the big surprise for a lot of people. Seda was an autobiographical comics pioneer and may be unequaled in terms of confessional ground seized for the genre over the course of her too-brief career. She died in 1988 not having yet turned 40, and may also be remembered for a potentially unclear path to publication that briefly developed after her passing. I like all four nominees including Seda. It's surprising to me that HG Peter only goes in now, but I think Peter's potent art on Wonder Woman has never been fully appreciated.

The nominees being offered for four slots in the traditional public vote seems an equally strong group, and bodes well for the next several years of inductions. With the Hernandez Brothers and Peter Bagge up for consideration it would seem that the we're firmly in the 1980s in terms of who might be considered now.

The 17 nominees which will become four HOF entries after the public voting are:

* Peter Bagge
* Howard Cruse
* Steve Englehart
* Justin Green
* Roberta Gregory
* Bill Griffith
* Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez
* Françoise Mouly
* Jackie Ormes
* George Perez
* P. Craig Russell
* Posy Simmonds
* Walt Simonson
* Jim Starlin
* Rumiko Takahashi
* Garry Trudeau

More information available from the awards program itself here.

This year's judges are Alan Campbell, Rob Clough, Jamie Newbold, Robert Moses Peaslee, Dawn Rutherford and Martha Thomases.

The deadline for voting is March 24. The awards program is July 21, the Friday night of Comic-Con International.



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