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September 20, 2006

Missed It: Charlie Hebdo, France Soir Score Win on Muhammed Cartoons

I totally missed this but if I'm reading this correctly, this newsbrief at, indicates that it was reported last week that the Tribunal correctionnel de Paris decided claims against the papers Charlie Hebdo and Frane Soir made by the Federation des Associations Islamiques D'Afrique, Des Comore et Des Antilles (FFAIACA), made because those publications reprinted the infamous Danish Muhammed cartoons, could not be pursued on the basis of inciting racial hatred.

From what little I can find from looking around, the FFAIACA is a politically moderate organization that has been around for several years; most Islamic organizations have a slightly higher profile in France right now after 2005's civil unrest, and this would seem a natural extension of their general mandate as briefly glimpsed in one or two unrelated articles. Thanks to Dirk Deppey for pointing this out.
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