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June 19, 2015

Missed It: Drawn And Quarterly Rolling Out A Bunch Of High Profile Book Announcements


This is on me and speaks to the fact I haven't made Drawn and Quarterly's still new to me web site the recurring source for information I should have by now, but the publisher that's been in the news all summer for its 25th Anniversary and change at the top has been announcing a series of big books for the next several months. Some of this is stuff I've heard about and some of it is stuff I haven't.

It looks like a typically great lineup for them, featuring a ton of artists with whom they've developed effective relationships and a couple of newbies that seems to fit right in. It's a big enough list I apologize in advance for missing someone, and I'm sure there are more announcements to come. I'll do it by artist, alphabetically.

* Fire!! The Zora Neal Hurston Story, Peter Bagge, Winter 2017.
* Mary Wept Over The Feet Of Jesus, Chester Brown, Spring 2016.
* Big Kids, Michael DeForge, January 2016.
* Carpet Sweeper Tales, Julie Doucet, 2016.
* Beverly, Nick Drnaso, February 2016.
* Panther, Brecht Evens, March 2016.
* Mooncop, Tom Gauld, No Date Given.
* Uncomfortably, Happily, Yeon-sik Hong (translated by Hellen Jo), Fall 2016.
* Kitaro (New Format), Shigeru Mizuki (Translated by Zack Davisson), Starting In March 2016.
* Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream, Laura Park, No Date Given.
* Art Comic, Matthew Thurber, No Date Given.

As a group that's just a really formidable bunch. Wow. There's no bad entry point for analysis or for just reading.

The Chester Brown strikes me as the most notable in a publishing-news sense, just because his work with Bible stories has been a big component of Brown's hall of fame career and hasn't seen book format publication yet. The publisher's continuing relationship with Julie Doucet as she redefines her approach to art greatly benefits and delights this reader and fan. There is no talent more at the heart of that company than Doucet. The Laura Park announcement is really welcome. That's a great publisher for her. She's a world-class drawer of things and fun comics-maker that really hasn't had that one platform that this could be. If we can get Park working within the main thrust of altcomics like with this opportunity and with her PFC/Autoptic participation later this summer, I couldn't be happier.

The remaining books include three of my five personal favorite cartoonists, so trust me when I suggest it's all good.

I'll continue to cover these announcements, hopefully in a more timely and per-article basis.
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