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March 4, 2017

Missed It: Eleanor Davis Writes About Her First Time Engaging In Formal Lobbying Activity

My apologies if that headline doesn't describe it correctly. Anti-Trump politicization is a huge issue for comics, in terms of where people are aiming their art and their time. Even my jobs -- one of which I do by myself -- have felt the impact of general readjustment of life priorities post November 2016.

I tend to think for the issues involved it's ACA on the one hand and everything else on the other, at least right at first. There are a few cartoonists who have been treated so differently post-ACA dealing with their health issues that I have to believe there will be a surge of focused attention once the stakes are crystal-clear and there's a calendar attached to them. We'll see. I admire artists who take time to engage with everyday politics.
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