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November 17, 2006

Missed It: Nexus Coming Back

The surprise of artist Steve Rude's recent self-publishing schedule announcement is that previously-reported storyline disagreements between himself and Nexus writer Mike Baron have been rectified, and a version of the indy-comic superhero through which Baron and Rude made their names will join the more recent The Moth and an anthology title on Rude's plate.

imageThe interesting thing about this announcement, at least to me, is that while the Nexus name still carries with it some interest (thus this post and others), particularly for fans who were around to enjoy his adventures in serial comic form from Capital and then First in the 1980s, my understanding is that the property in its 1990s Dark Horse mini-series iteration saw declining sales. And while that sounds like I'm being mean, I'm actually impressed that in a media landscape where most "returns" of this sort are a repackaging either explicitly or seemingly barely concealed in the hopes of a wider media deal. This is more about making comics, which is nice. And certainly the character is still around through a high-end reprint offering (pictured), which indicates a passionate interest on a certain level that should serve a new comic. If anything, a smaller fanbase means that self-publishing makes a lot more sense -- you can count on fans seeking out the title, and you get to keep a higher percertage of monies received on the title.

I would also think since this has an air of a last go-around on the title that the stories may have a more dramatic soap opera edge than the series in an open ended run might have enjoyed. And, as always, Steve Rude is an artist of integrity, interest and skill.
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