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February 9, 2017

Missed It: SAW Bars Kurt Wolfgang From School, Campus

I'm catching up to this story a bit late and with not a lot of original information, but on Tuesday Sequential Artists Workshop posted that the comics-maker Kurt Wolfgang (the pen name of Kurt Holley) will no longer be a part of their faculty and will not be allowed on SAW's campus. They cite a police report and imply it contain an act of violence against a woman.

According to this post, Wolfgang joined SAW as a faculty member in 2014.

I've talked to a few people with some rough knowledge of the situation, all of whom indicated that Wolfgang/Holley has had more than one unpleasant, even potentially violent encounter that gained the attention of authorities.

This will take a bit of work in terms of an actual follow-up story, but I wanted the news of SAW's move as soon as I got it and could find phrasing for what I know because these particular sorts of serious matters deserve immediate attention. SAW's actions seem necessary and appropriate, and I'm particularly fond of the idea implied that custodians of areas in which comics-makers are in contact with each other are subject to additional responsibility in terms of protecting that space.

Wolfgang is best known for his book Where Hats Go and the series Lowjinx. I believe he is both a Xeric and an Ignatz award-winner.
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