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November 8, 2010

Mo Willems Places Two On PW Children’s Books List, Including Collaboration With Jon J Muth

imagePW released its best-books and best children's books lists earlier today -- I assume the comics one is imminent -- and illustrator/author Mo Willems, whose work is very often cited in comics circles as work that straddles comics and illustrated prose forms, placed two works on the latter list's picture books sub-section: Knuffle Bunny Free and City Dog, Country Frog. The latter is a collaboration with Jon J. Muth, an increasingly known quantity in that field and of course a comics favorite for years. I took a quick peek at the rest of the list, and only Edwin Fotheringham registers as an illustrator frequently of interest to comics people. Again, I would assume if the comics list isn't out already, it's about to drop.
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