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April 7, 2009

More On Len Wein’s Home Fire

* here's the official police report. (thanks, Scott and John) The note includes the cause of the two-room fire and the jaw-dropping estimation of contents at $4000, which can't be a reflection if initial anecdotes about lost original art turn out to be true.

image* you can read from a lot from Harlan Ellison and various comics folk on Ellison's messageboard-driven site about the family of Len Wein and the fire that destroyed their home and killed a favored family pet. Ellison describes in a post made at approximately 9:15 last night the loss of Wein's massive art collection and various other objects and mementos collected during his long career, nearly all of which are irreplaceable. Ellison also mentions that insurance should restore everyone involved to an amenable housing situation.

* Wein's friend Mark Evanier talks about the fire here and here.

* while there's little that needs to be done for Wein right at this moment, if there arises a situation where people might provide assistance I hope that it's made public and that folks will be generous on his behalf. It might be worth it for some of you to bookmark Wein's web presence in order to keep track of this.

* I further hope that perhaps the folks behind the new Wolverine movie can be convinced to lend a hand seeing as they're working with one of Wein's creations and he's been a genial advocate of their work with the character.
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