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February 3, 2006

More on Tom Toles Vs. The JCS

Apparently, Tom Toles appeared on Paula Zahn's show on CNN yesterday evening to talk about his controversial editorial cartoon featuring an amputee, that drew a letter from all five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and their Chairman. Here's a transcript (scroll down a bit). One aspect I wasn't aware of is an old argument against cartoons in general that by depicting something the editorial cartoonist is automatically making light of that thing, a criticism I think Tole ably deflects.

Most of the additional stuff I'm finding breaks down to political blog commentary or columns on either the "disgusting" cartoon or the "extraordinary" action of the Joint Chiefs coming out against the cartoon. There's a third kind of article that is comparing the letter sent by the Joint Chiefs with the protests against the Danish Prophet cartoons, generally to contrast the discourse at work in each effort.
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