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April 23, 2010

Nate Beeler Wins Thomas Nast Award; Bill Day Wins RFK Journalism Award

Two major comics awards were announced this week, hot on the heels of Pulitzer and Herblock prize announcements.

* the Washington Examiner's Nate Beeler has won The Thomas Nast Award for this year. The committee cited Beeler's sense of "vivid composition," his use of color and his generally meticulous art work. Three of his winning cartoons can be found in that link. Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press received a citation for his 2009 work. The Thomas Nast Award is part of the Overseas Press Club of America OPC Award Winners, where the individual awards all have names like the rooms in a really old rich person's house. The Thomas Nast Award has been part of the OPC Awards since 1968; past winners include Don Wright and Jim Morin.


* cartooning free agent and former Commercial-Appeal cartoonist Bill Day was named the "Cartoon Winner" in the 2010 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for his much-lauded series on infant mortality that has been cited at least twice in recent cartooning awards history. That work also received a special citation at the National Press Foundation dinner in February and were lauded at the 2009 Berryman Awards as well. I guess you could work the fact that Day isn't a full-time employee into some sort of odd schadenfreude notion regarding the missing, sponsoring newspapers that doesn't get to share in Day's honor, but it seems to me that cartoonists like Day find themselves without that single employer for just about every reason other than anyone's estimation of their ability to do great work.
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