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February 25, 2011

Neilalien Retires From Near-Daily Blogging After 11 Years


The godfather of all the comics bloggers, Neilalien, has decided upon the occasion of the 11th anniversary of his site to step back from regular blogging. He announces the move here, in a typically lively post. I wish him every last bit of luck and good fortune on his new schedule and with all the things he gets to do in the time he saves by no longer entertaining and educating readers like myself. I hope that includes getting to read more quality comics and maybe even a first-rate movie for his beloved Doctor Strange. It's hard for me to describe the exact nature of my affection for people that write about comics for a long period of time, and that do so out of a love for the medium more than a desire to scramble over this gig for another one, so I'll just say thank you.
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