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February 28, 2011

New York Daily News Drops Entire Page Of Strips

As noticed by many of you out there, the New York Daily News looks to have dropped from three pages of comics to two. According to notes kept by Brian Walker and sent along to a number of journalists (thanks, Brian), the dropped strips were:
* Close to Home
* Curtis
* Dustin
* F Minus
* Marmaduke
* Over the Hedge
* Real Life Adventures
* Rose is Rose
* Sherman's Lagoon
* The Flying McCoys
* The Lockhorns
* Tundra
The strips that remain in the paper are:
* Argyle Sweater
* Between the Lines
* Blondie
* Dilbert
* Doonesbury
* Gasoline Alley
* Get Fuzzy
* Hagar
* Jump Start
* Mother Goose
* Mutts
* One Big Happy
* Pearls Before Swine
* Red & Rover
* Soup to Nutz
* Zits
If you can detect a pattern here other than a vague lean towards bigger hits in the keep group, you are a better and smarter person than I am, that's for sure. Losing placement at a big circulation paper like the Daily News is a blow to any strip, and losing a page's worth is a blow to any readership.
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