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June 12, 2009

News Corp Forming Diversity Advisory Council, Partly In Reaction To Sean Delonas Chimp Cartoon

imageNews organizations are linking the formation of an outside advisory council on matters of race by News Corp. to the publication in February of a cartoon by that company's New York Post that some community leaders thought equated President Barack Obama with a chimpanzee. Initial complaints ranging from a call for firing cartoonist Sean Delonas to having Congress review the company's ability to own multiple media outlets in a single market led to a meeting May 19 on the matter between subordinate members of various groups and the media company. Their solution was an expansion of a program News Corp. has already used in Los Angeles and Chicago. The advice offered will apparently not only include coverage issues but hiring policies at the company -- members will not be paid, nor will contributions to the various groups be part of the agreement to serve.
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