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September 1, 2009

Not A Dream, Not An Imaginary Story

borrowed with permission from the great J. Chris Campbell


As of 8 AM today, Disney apparently still plans to go through with a $4 billion purchase of Marvel Entertainment and its library of characters by the end of this year. This morning's the initial editorial/analysis wave:
* Aarthi Sivaraman at Reuters
* Heidi MacDonald at The Beat
* Marc Bernardin at Entertainment Weekly
* John Madden at Wired
* Patrick Goldstein, LA Times
* Paul Constant at Slog
* RJ Carter at The Trades
* Sean Kleefeld at Kleefeld On Comics
* Zach Lowe On The Lawyers Involved
To which many more shall be added throughout the day, I'm certain. As you'll see if you dive into the above articles -- or look at the top of this post -- it's also "mash-up between Disney and Marvel characters" day, most involving those Mickey Mouse ears, but there's only one of those you need to see. There's also the "Somebody, perhaps even myself, told you this would happen" series of posts, of which I like Sean Kleefeld's best.

Today should shift into the "open speculation about things like publishing and book distribution, not just by people in comments threads" phase by noon.


from ASM Annual #5 via super-retailer Joe Field
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