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July 23, 2012

Not Comics: Chuck Dixon On Film Compensation From DC

CR spends a decent amount of time and energy discussing unfair and/or unfortunate policies in place in comics, particularly mainstream comics, when it comes to the final dispensation for the massive amount of profit that is generated in other media from ideas first put forward by comics creators. It behooves the site, then, to drive some attention to this Chuck Dixon piece about DC's compensatory practices when it comes to rewarding creators for comics properties and ideas used in DC Comics-related movies and TV shows. While perhaps not an ideal outcome for all of the creators involved, and keeping in mind that profit isn't everyone's sole motivation when it comes to these matters, DC paying people for ideas and character used in movies like the new Batman film strikes me as a set of policies and and approach that in its current form is a generally good thing, reasonably executed, and much appreciated by many of its beneficiaries. If nothing else, it's preferred over not paying them anything.

Note that no one appears to be financially crippled by this arrangement: there does indeed seem to be enough money to do this. Note also that by choosing this policy over one whereby they grind out the absolute last penny that could be theirs if they went after it with enough energy, DC kneecaps the argument that corporations are somehow inherently bound by their core nature to always pursue the most exploitative behavior imaginable in every single instance.
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