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March 27, 2018

Not Comics: How One Person Fell Out Of Love With Their Internship At Monocle And Is Suing

imageThere are elements of this article that will drive some people nuts, I imagine. While I realize there are all sorts of ways that volunteer or contributed work might be done for certain entities, I don't like most internships. I don't like their specific construction. I never worked one -- I imagine in great part because of my specific array of privilege (the remaining portion is luck). I'll make an exception for something that is part of a school program, where there's coursework credit involved, but even then there are abuses and moments of great discomfort.

I know people disagree with me here, and I might lose the argument in a lot of cases; I am vastly capable of losing arguments. For instance, one argument I rarely hear for comics-industry internships that promise future reward is that we fling so much bullshit about the ways comics functions standing near it might be the only way people get to see how things work before they break up with their partner and move across country. I'm just saying we're an industry with exploitation in our DNA, and you think that would make us more careful about these arrangements, but from my experience we aren't. So I hope it's something we continue to move past. I'm not very hopeful.
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