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February 14, 2008

NYT BLOG: Some Newspapers Printed Danish Cartoon As Act of Solidarity

This post at the New York Times blog notes that at least one of the newspapers that printed Kurt Westergaard's Muhammed with bomb-in-turban cartoon as part of its coverage of this week's foiled assassination attempt on Westergaard did so out of solidarity with the original newspaper that carried the cartoon, Jyllands-Posten, and in support of that paper and Westergaard who are obviously under assault -- literally. The sentiment is kind, and yet I can't help but think we might all be a lot better off if newspapers began to show less interest in publishing such material in terms of showing support or making free speech statements and much greater interest in rigorously and without blinking displaying the resolve to show any and all images when their mission to inform their readership calls on them to do so. The world needs rights advocates, but I think it has an equal if not greater need for journalists to be journalists.
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