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January 12, 2016

Organizers Of Boycott Of FIBD Based On Sponsorship By Sodastream Declare Victory 3rd Year In

Here's the main place to go to figure out the ins and outs of this particular story, which hit hard during the last two big comics festivals in Angouleme. A group organized a boycott of the show based on their accepting the sponsorship of Sodastream, a company which has been savagely criticized for a variety of anti-Palestinian policies. The list of those creators signing up included Jacques Tardi, Lewis Trondheim and Joe Sacco. I'm not sure how that was implemented on the ground at the show of the last two years, but the announcement of the letter each year brought some punishing heat on the festival at a time which we've seen in 2015 rolling into 2016 isn't particularly welcome.

The latest news is that Sodastream is not to be found as a partner or contributor in any of the usual pre-show materials, and the instigators of the boycott are declaring victory.
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