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July 29, 2011

Oslo Muslim Cartoon Riles Newspaper Readers


A short article here describes a minor brouhaha at The Cape Breton Post of Sydney, Nova Scotia over editorial cartoonist Sean Casey July 26 cartoon showing two stock caricatures (suggesting Muslim terrorist) expressing pleasure over the recent terrorism in Oslo. It's fascinating to note how broken and sad the rhetoric that surrounds acts of terror that a subset of people keep trying to shoehorn issues and elements that seemingly have nothing to do with the set of crimes in question into discussions about them. It's like watching a super self-absorbed relative during the holiday season steer every conversation into a discussion of themselves, only even less connected to reality. Also, I'm not exactly a fan of the "why are you showing people in this kind of dress celebrating terrorism" line of inquiry that at least one letter writer employed, as I think the intention and connections are clear and you can pretty much get to just calling the cartoon a not-good one without having to prove some sort of precise motivation that displeases you.
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