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November 5, 2010

Patrick McDonnell-Backed Prop B Measure Wins Passage In Missouri


I forgot to check up on it, but it looks like Missouri's Prop B was passed in Tuesday's election. That was the puppy-mill law that establishes minimum expectations of care in that state's commercial breeding facilities -- you may recall, as I do, seeing such places profiled on the television program Random Show I Caught That Made Me Want To Kill Myself.

It's mentioned here because the measure had the open support of cartoonist and noted animal advocate Patrick McDonnell, still in the midst of a series of dailies about puppy mills in his strip Mutts. The recent Sunday that called out Missouri by name can be read here. The measure was unpopular in the rural communities where such facilities tend to propagate, and any proposition measure that passes with a fight can be expect challenges on down the line, but for now it's the cartoonist's view that's won the day.
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