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September 12, 2005

Ashton: Guardian Drops Doonesbury

It's never good when you're a comic strip for papers to drop your strip, and even when you have several hundred clients and have grown to a size where a drop or two every so often becomes routine, there are a few severance notices worth one's attention: when your first big-paper client drops you, when your hometown paper drops you, and when a very large signature newspaper drops you.

According to Pete Ashton, the Guardian's recent re-design has led to them dropping Doonesbury, which is odd because a far as I can tell the feature is popular with the Guardian's perceived demographic and the strip is still lively in terms of generating wider interest. Ironically, Doonesbury made its name in North America in the early '70s by being dropped and then having people rally to the cause of its reintroduction. There's the beginnings of a backlash here, where we also find out it looks like the Guardian added Perry Bible Fellowship.

Noontime update: Ashton writes more formally here. A better backlash thread here.

Apparently, reading the last thread will indicate the Guardian has already caved. Worst Lead Story Ever!
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