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October 5, 2010

Please Consider Buying Steve Rude Art To Help Him Through A Rough Patch


One of my favorite figures in comics and certainly an artist that provided me with tons of pulpy joy when I was a teenager, Steve Rude, has put together a series of auctions featuring classic Nexus art in order to assist in getting he and his family through a rough patch. Here's the content of the note that went out on a subscriber list I'm guessing very recently:
imageS.O.S. -- Help Steve Rude keep his house

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the dramatic headline but it really is appropriate. Like everyone else, Steve has been effected by the economic downturn, so much so that his house will be up for auction November 15th.

Link to Steve's Facebook blog.

In an effort to stave off the foreclosure, Steve has put up pages from The Next Nexus mini-series on eBay at really low prices. Pages from issues #1 and #2 are already up on eBay and issues #3 and #4 will up in a week or two.

Link to Steve's eBay auctions

Link to Steve's store where all the issues as well as other art are shown.

There's a lot of pages with the main characters left as well as plenty of pages with his fantastic spaceship designs (they are so very cool.)

His commission list is temporarily closed until he whittles down his backlog a bit but will be opened back up shortly.
It's not like you need my testimony because you can look at the scans yourself at the listing, but Steve's originals are really handsome, and this may be doubly true of the ones that don't feature important characters (my brother owns one from his Marvel mini-series period that features nameless gangsters that's as handsome as any comics page we own between us), which makes all of his pages worth a gander.

If you're not in the market for original art or if it's out of your price range, the store link provided above takes you into a wealth of material at a wide variety of price points. I think Steve Rude is one of the really fine comics illustrators of the last 30 years and one of the most genuine ever in his desire to make stunning imagery on the page, so if you can find anything he's offering that you would like I think you'd be well-rewarded.
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