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February 22, 2014

Please Go Read An Interview By Bill Baker


I was very sad to read about the passing last Thursday of one of my peers, the writer Bill Baker. Baker was not someone I knew very well, but he was prolific, he consistently found places to write that allowed him to present deep cuts into the material he liked for a wider and mostly mainstream audience, and he was awfully, awfully solicitous and kind in personal interactions. I thought instead of posting the short piece I had ready to go I'd direct you to a list of the interview Baker has done. He was a different interviewer than I am, with different interests, but they were genuine and that sense of passionate interest in comics came through when he worked in that art form.

I don't know why people cover comics, by which I mean in this case I don't know why Bill did. I assume that all the standard reasons anyone write about anything apply. I got the sense that he was infatuated with the visual side of comics, and the illustrative tradition that might have as loose a hand on things right now that at any time in the medium's history. I noticed a month ago when preparing a link that that Bill interviewed a lot of people in the midst of kickstarters, or following projects that might be said to have a focused argument, which makes me think he was curious about why artists pursue the projects they pursue, a great mystery to me as well. I regret not getting a chance to ask him.

image* Bo Hampton
* Brendan Burford
* Brian Azzarello

* Cliff Galbraith

* David Quinn
* David Sandoval
* Don McGregor

* Elaine Lee And Michael Wm Kaluta 01
* Elaine Lee And Michael Wm Kaluta 02
* Eric R. Gignac

* Fred Van Lente

* Gabrielle Bell
* Gary Scott Beatty
* Guy Davis

* Jackie Estrada
* J. David Spurlock
* Jeff Smith
* Jeph Loeb
* JG Jones 01
* JG Jones 02
* Jimmy Palmiotti
* Joel Meadows
* JR Han

* Kurt Busiek

* Manuel Auad
* Mark Dudley
* Mark Wheatley 01
* Mark Wheatley 02
* Mark Wheatley 03
* Mark Wheatley 04
* Mark Wheatley 05
* Moro Rogers

* Nimue Brown

* Pat Wilshire

* Richard Corben
* Rick Geary
* Robert Sodaro

* Shane-Michael Vidaurri
* Steve Lieber

* Tom Brown
* Tom Kaczynski 01
* Tom Kaczynski 02
* Tommy Castillo
* Travis Hanson

* Victor Santos

* Warren Ellis

My condolences to friends and family. Bill Baker was 55 years old. He died of complications from pneumonia.

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