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August 26, 2018

Please God Let’s Not Recast Comicsgate Goofballs As Critics

I know many people have contempt for both, but come on. Hyper-victimized, self-interested, divorced-from-reality whinging is and has always been its own thing, and is at best a dumb country cousin of actual criticism. Conflating them even by accident, even while criticizing those deserving of severe assessment, does a disservice to actual critics that take that gig seriously, that aspire to something more than an argument they should be doing the creative task at hand. It buttresses if only temporarily and without cause the entitled, enraged baby-men that demand art should work in a way that supports, flatters and rewards them above anyone else.

As interesting as flare-ups about rhetoric and positioning in sub-cultures can be, I have very little to say about Comicsgate people in general except fuck them. I'm even resentful I had to type that stupid word twice. Comics has a lot facing it now. It also has some real opportunities. These people are in the way, all without earning a lick of anyone's time through meritorious action or original thought. An appetite for something isn't an idea about something. This a group that should be aggressively avoided and periodically blasted. The wink-wink, no-we're-not-you-are on-line harassment that believers have committed should disqualify anyone expressing common cause from any participation in legitimate industry practice. No functioning community has time for this level of multi-layered stupid, this cascading tantrum of stamped-foot demand. Comics sure doesn't.
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