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October 19, 2005

Police Asked to Close Penny Arcade

More craziness from the Penny Arcade camp, as a man named Jack Thompson reportedly ended up contacting Seattle police after being castigated by the PA duo, I believe concerning some offer made to donate to charity if a game would be designed that directed violence in a manner Thompson would find satirically pleasing. I may be better off reading the Japanese cited in the above article than I am at sorting through on-line comics stuff, but my guess is that the PA guys decided this guy was a chump for his stand against elements of videogame culture -- gaming being the basis for the popular PA comic -- and started giving Thompson a little bit of crap on their blog, up to and including, and I'm kind of lost here, mocking his $10,000 donation through making one of their own just without strings attached.

You can look at the Florida-based Thompson's faxed letter at Penny Arcade, on the 6:00 PM post October 17.
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