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September 25, 2007

PWCW: All of B&W Zot! On The Way

PWCW reported yesterday that Harper-Collins plans a one-volume, all of the black-and-white comics edition of Scott McCloud's Zot! at the amazing price of $22.95, to debut at next summer's Comic-Con International. Zot! was one of the seminal indy-comic titles of the 1980s, and launched McCloud's career. It was later collected in the mid 1990s by Kitchen Sink in color and black and white (the first 10 issues of 36 were in color and will not be part of this project), although I'm pretty certain that series of trades was never completed.

I alway liked Zot!. I thought the book captured a very specific suburban experience as well as any YA novel, and I found the thematic work surprisingly effective. Over the course of the series the protagonist Jenny relates to Zot and his science fantasy world in a way that mirrors the way a lot of young people negotiate fantasy works as they grow up, or at least the way a lot of my friends did: immersion so as to escape, a move towards negotiation between that world and one's own, and finally an attempt to capture elements of such material and fold them into one's own life. (Readers won't get that entire progression without the color material, but the more interesting "scene to scene" work, as it were, definitely came in the later issues.) I wish there were more books like it.
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