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May 31, 2007

Quick hits
Ink Thor

Comic Craze Reviewed
Review of Tezuka Exhibit
Mort Walker Lends a Hand
See Adrian Tomine at BEA
Comic Craze to Close Gallery
Anti-Smoking Cartoon Exhibit
Zograf, Talbot To Appear in Florence

The Smith Family Ran 43 Years?
Jon B. Cooke Interviews John Buscema

Weekly BD Ratings
Weekly Manga Rankings
Fan Artist Pays Publisher
Comic Shop Photo Porn: BD Fugue
What Do Librarians Know, Anyway?
Another Naruto, Another USA Today 150 Appearance

Wizard: Jason Lutes
Newsarama: Joe Casey
Comixpedia: Ryan Armand
Newsarama: Jeffrey Brown
Flipped: Lillian Diaz-Przybyl
The Cord: Nicholas Gurewitch
Newsarama: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Wizard: Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson

Not Comics
Photo of CCS Grads
Annoying People Is His Job
Telegraphed Joke of the Week
Moore-Gebbie Wedding Photos
The Kids, They Love The Deathnote
Kulick Meets Spider-Man Story Has Legs

Nymphet Round-Up
Meg Cabot to Write Manga
Espinosa On To Killing Girl
Maya Shinjo Leaves Shogakukan
David Welsh on Forthcoming Manga
Reid, Wood: Books, Marriage Forthcoming

Jog: The Plain Janes
Chris Mautner: Various
Shaenon Garrity: Golgo 13
Recommendation Flagellation
Graeme McMillan: Percy Gloom
Scott Rosenberg: Make 5 Wishes
Hervé St-Louis: Girls Who Bite Back
James Nokes: Uncanny X-Men #66-71
Paul John Little: American Born Chinese
Graeme McMillan: Legion of Super-Heroes
Rob Clough: Stop Forgetting to Remember
Brian Heater: Stop Forgetting to Remember
Johanna Draper Carlson: Kabuki: Skin Deep
Leroy Douresseaux: Justice Society of America #1

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