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July 3, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Geof Darrow wins art studios.

image* Todd Klein on Wonder Woman #17.

* Steve Ekstrom talks to Howard Chaykin about the recent controversies caused by his latest series: a scene of trans panic in issue #1; a scene of torture released as the initial cover -- since changed -- for issue #4.

* not comics: Bully repurposes an old calendar with days and dates that match this year's. I wish someone would start a small business that made old calendar with match dates available to us. I would use them all the time. Just the Tolkien calendars doing this would be great, or the Love & Rockets ones.

* Paul Post profiles the great Joe Sinnott. My specific taste in comics may lead me away from a lot of the artists known for their work in the American mainstream, but there are many talented and honorable creators that work there.

* finally, a gift of underground comix-era art featuring female cartoonists has been accepted by the Billy Ireland. That's terrific. There is no group of cartoonists as underserved by their current reputation than the female underground-era cartoonists.
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