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January 1, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd VanDerWerff expresses love for Olivia Jaimes' Nancy. John Seven on The Vagabond Valise.

* Matt O'Keefe talks to Ben Dewey. John Seven talks to M. Dean. Brian Hibbs talks to Ngozi Ukazu.

* not comics: haven't taken the time to analyze why Aquaman is doing pretty well at the box office, but it seems to be doing pretty well. Since all of the figures I see in headlines are worldwide box office ones I imagine that's where it's done well. The main attraction for me is to watch fans argue with significant rage about their favorite toy worlds using box-office figures as a measure of worth. I wish soda fans and fast-food fans were as explicit in their assignments of value.

* here are a bunch of solid, working critics and writers-about-comic unpacking a few favorites from 2018.

* not sure I can pull from this mention the specific nature and focus of this forthcoming exhibit mentioned, but I sure want to see it.

* finally: whoa, look at these Kaz pencils!
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