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January 2, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* John Seven on Joylandia. Here's all the TCJ writers on all the books reviewed in 2018.

* here are cartoonists receiving honors. I so wish we had something this potentially hilarious in the US.

* Marek Bennett does the hard work of classroom visits, to great reward.

* Marylou Tousignant takes a look at Ripley's, a continually under-appreciate comic in terms of its popularity and cultural impact.

* Joseph Gerth profiles Marc Murphy. Sally Pryor profiles David Pope.

* politically observant cartoons are always a big deal in the African countries, as this article about the Congo will attest.

* Mark Knight takes another shot at drawing Serena Williams.

* finally: Jane Fryer on the cartoonist transition at Daily Mail.
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