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January 9, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the hobby business news and analysis site caught a book-industry analysis post that says store closings for Barnes and Noble accelerated right after Thanksgiving from an already steady clip of lease run-out related closures. I know that a lot of readers hate the big-box stores and will be happy to see the other significant chain from that era go -- as looks increasingly likely -- but I do think they play a role in a lot of reading communities. If I were 14 years old right now and my Barnes and Noble closed, I think there's a chance I'd be bummed.

image* here are some watercolor sketches from Colleen Frakes, done over the holidays.

* Alec Berry on Moose #1-14.

* the wheeze and heave of giant corporations is something comics didn't used to have to worry about, at least not so much. Now these entities roll over in bed and scratch themselves and everyone shudders.

* Tim O'Shea talks to Paul Jenkins.

* not all the way sure how this ended up in my bookmarks, but apparently there's a film about comics in Melbourne.

* if you're a fan of great cartoonists and/or the underground comix generation, you should probably review the TCJ open testimonials thread and comments on Spain Rodriguez one more time.

* somehow I never linked to this article in The Economist about Internet comics as a business corrective for the decline of print, and a flourishing of those comics creatively because of the novelty of the platform.

* we're somewhere between 12-24 months from a major comeback in the collective community imagination for Sinner.

* finally, Dinesh Shamdasani assumes the CEO role at Valiant.
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