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January 8, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Paul O'Brien on Weapon X #22-27. Rob Clough on comics by Denis St. John. Sean Gaffney on Kimagure Orange Road Vol. 1.

* this Hulk comic sounds pretty damn bleak.

* just another reminder the gofundme helping those sued by publisher and creator Cody Pickrodt stalled out a while back. I assume there will be additional pushes, but if this reminder gets you interested in any sort of donation ahead of that time, that's great. I think it's important people be allowed to inform their communities about a negative interpretation of an event without being held to some sort of dormitory hallway standard of proof applied to a restricted selection of accusations.

* it's been a while since I checked in on Make It Then Tell Everybody. I'm assuming the Kristyna Baczynski, the Ben Sears and the Erin Nations are new enough to deserve a mention here.

* this comic Peter Bagge did about criminal justice system reform is about as bleak as anything he's done of a political nature.

* finally: The Year In Illustration.
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