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January 9, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this I thought was a particularly good Sunday Cul-De-Sac.

image* the writer about comics Chris Mautner names his six choices for criminally under-appreciated comics from 2010. That's a pretty good list, although the topic is always tricky because pretty much all good comics except like five of them are under-appreciated in some way or another.

* not comics: it seems to me the takeaway from news of the proposed Wonder Woman TV show being on shaky ground is that it's not necessarily the fault of the Wonder Woman property but a sign of the fading fortunes and diminished ambitions of network television. I maintain that the core of the Wonder Woman idea is a pretty strong one with a lot of narrative possibilities, especially if you aren't precious with the details.

* the editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons was accessed by news organizations covering that horrible grocery store shooting of an Arizona congresswoman and those with the misfortune of standing near her as a way of taking the temperature of that region's political climate.

* the mark you make is the mark you see.

* not comics: I thought Patton Oswalt's much-discussed essay on the decline of classic geek culture and what to do now was fun to read, although it was more entertainingly written and effective as a bearer of a few interesting ideas than it was a cohesive, forceful statement. I think the biggest change in the general enterprise Oswalt dissects may be less the mainstream/out-of-mainstream shift or the structural things that he identifies and more our increasing inability to project a certain kind of stature onto these eddies of culture, our ability to prop up the illusion that these things matter in a significant way beyond (or because of) our interest in them and whatever their unique, intrinsic qualities might be. The responses -- including my own -- likely reveal more about those making them than the subject matter does.

* cartoonists, writers and world-class talkers Steve Bissette and Dave Sim are continuing their conversation.

* publisher and critic Gary Groth reviews in positive fashion Jim Woodring's public showing of his giant nib pen. There are no euphemisms in that sentence, by the way. And yes, Gary Groth is tweeting now.

* finally, the writer Sean Kleefeld profiles a gentleman who asks very nicely if he could be put into your comics, please. I hadn't heard of this guy before, but that's a pretty quirky hobby.
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