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January 10, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on High Heaven #4. Sean Gaffney on Silver Spoon Vol. 6.

* critic and general writer-about-comics drops a giant public confession post on Facebook on the occasion of halving his regular freelance gig to take on his Stan Lee book. You don't see to many of those types of essays from that side of the creative/critical community. I look forward to his Lee book: there's a lot of material to be covered since 2003, and Lee's passing may change what's available about Lee's first eight decades. We're also at the point where people are passing away in the natural course of things that didn't even work with Lee until he was 50, and I'm grateful a lot of them will be interviewed sooner rather than later.

* I totally missed this unique-sounding collection donation to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. I'm so very excited about comics and comic art curation generally.

* finally: all hail Don Labriola, patron saint of comics Internet allies. Back in the CompuServe days at Fantagraphics, Mr. Labriola was our only friend. What a weird time for comics.
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