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January 14, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* missed that Brad Anderson joins the recent list of all-stars donating material to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. I have to figure that is a substantial collection given the length of Anderson's run and the success of his high name recognition panel.

* Mike Lynch wishes the great Peter Arno a happy 115th birthday.

* meet Naomi. I would think creating a bunch of new characters and have their stories involve a set of backgrounds more diverse than a group of people felt comfortable using in 1948 would be fun for creators and for readers. Why should this be overthought?

* bundled extra: don't think I'd stopped and looked at the cover and details on Peter Bagge's Rose Wilder Lane book before last weekend.

* Rob Clough on comics by Jen Vaughn and Moss Bastille. Austin Price on Bloodstrike: Brutalists.

* finally: this is some book cover by Hannes Bok.
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