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January 15, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alenka Figa on Fashion Forecasts.

* not comics: my brother Whit told me these are the tribute ads that were placed in Hollywood Reporter in honor of Stan Lee after his passing; Maggie Loesch (longtime Marvel Productions head), DC Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, the five main Avengers cast members, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney/Marvel. I'm not sure why I find that interesting, but I do.

* not comics: hey, it's a geek-related writing job! I don't remember which geek site this is but it sounds like one of the important ones.

* this kind of avoidance/swapping is par for the course in many American newspapers, but if you make promises about changes in content you might as well be held to the result.

* finally: LA Zine Fest applications end tonight at 11:59 PM. That's a June show.
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