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January 22, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Annie Mok talks to Mickey Zacchilli. Mark Peters talks to Mike Norton.

* someone at VoyageLA talks to Robert Goodin, a longtime favorite of mine. He's one of those people that his not being able to work all the time making comics makes you feel comics is broken. Best Christmas card in the industry. The visuals used for the profile really pop on the screen. At least for me.

* not comics: Brian Fies on Marie Kondo is funny and touching.

* by request extra: I keep hoping to include this mention of a William Messner-Loebs benefit book in one of the By Request columns, but in case I don't I'll mention it here. Nice man, interesting creator, tough case.

* finally, I think I forgot to post this link to Fred Van Lente on proper comic script formatting. If I didn't, here it is again.
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