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January 24, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* DC Comics and parent Time Warner rolled out a major initiative aimed at raising money for famine relief in Africa. Good for them; I hope they raise a ton of money.

image* star of the day Richard Bruton compiles the master list of comics from 2011 as recommended by those asked over at the Forbidden Planet International blog, and then suggests a bunch of forthcoming work for 2012.

* Richard Bruton on The Lengths #4. A bunch of people review Harvey Pekar's Cleveland. Don MacPherson on Prophet #21. Sean Gaffney on Skip Beat! Vol. 26.

* in praise of a comic shop ad.

* Graeme McMillan writes about Cullen Bunn writing about writing.

* not comics: they should make a movie about resentful 1970s geeks traveling forward in time to wreak revenge on today's teenaged nerds for all the cool stuff that they get to do now that wouldn't have ever happened back then.

* Colin Panetta reports from the Northampton scene.

* Josie Campbell talks to Paul Jenkins. Kiel Phegley talks to Jeffrey Brown. Tim O'Shea talks to Glenn Eichler and Joe Infurnari.

* the business news and analysis site catches that a file-sharing site tweaks what it does in the wake of the US Justice Department pursuing Internet piracy all the way into someone else's country.

* there's a bunch of stuff out there right now on creative teams fighting and/or dissolving. It's not something I care to link to, but you can find it pretty easily if you look around. The thing that I wanted to note is that this kind of public griping always seems to happen when comics is in a real emotionally stressful period; I think the mini-era we're in qualifies, for sure. I think we're past the point where people are just starting to realize that all the exciting things happening around them may not happen to them, and into a phase where people are beginning to worry that comics may have a detrimental effect on their lives.


* the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is kicking off the new year by offering for sale a bunch of archival, signed works from their stuffed-to-the-max stockroom.

* finally, Ladronn draws one spiffy-looking Spirit.
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