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January 24, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Girl Town. John Seven on Seven Places Without You.

* not comics: Tim Kreider on what the future will hate about us. I once read that the thing that will most puzzle people in the future is the widespread use of chemotherapy.

* not comics: I like reading comics, but sometimes you remember the Internet will tell you what happened to a book series you stopped reading when you were 12 years old.

* Chris Arrant asks comics readers which comic book series could use one more series.

* it hasn't been lost on professionals processing news about the departure of Mark Chiarello from DC Comics that rival Marvel needs a Mark Chiarello. I would say that's true of John Cunningham, too, given the longtime messy state of Marvel's book program. My understanding is that jobs at those two companies are very different, and not just because they're on opposite coasts now.

* finally: that's an attractive Superman comic-book cover.
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