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January 28, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Howard Chaykin offers up an explanation/context/rebuttal for all things Bill Maher vs. Comics. The interest from so many in the funnybook world in the comedian's dismissal of comics through the example of Stan Lee fairly baffles me -- he would have to ride out cowboy-style on a living dinosaur for me to want to see it on TV -- but I suppose that being able to rile people up is a skill set for our modern times.

* I'm bookmarking this productivity tool to look at it later on, but you might get use from it right away.

* this story has likely progressed since I stored the link, but it struck me that I'm not sure how anyone accomplishes stealing a large cash amount worth of comics as a tiny subset of comics are generally worth a shit-ton and the vast, vast majority are worth about nothing at all, but okay.

* finally: I'll note this in birthdays, but Happy 32nd to the remarkable and brave Atena Farghadani.
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