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January 31, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* although I'm not exactly certain why I've been holding onto this article about the comics community in Las Vegas, but there are some nice shots of Alternate Reality in there.

image* here's a nice little article on Commando and its 50th birthday.

* if you haven't been following that Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic but are still sort of interested in how fans are reacting to an "official" television series being played out in comic book form, this may be the article for you.

* not comics: Miss Kristy Valenti spends a night at the theater.

* I sometimes talk to my comic books, but apparently some of the comic books are talking through Michael Netzer.

* not comics: check out this celebrity shelf-porn I got from someone a couple of weeks ago (probably Gil Roth). It's funny that a couple of these already look like comic book libraries. Plus Oprah's is surprisingly the least human and slightly scary, besides.

* not comics: somehow I missed Grim 'n' Gritty Hong Kong Phooey the first time around. He remains the number one superguy in my heart, although I have to admit that filing cabinet thing was slightly disturbing to me as a young child. I also missed this piece of fiction about drinking with superheroes.

* I've never purchased anything from Bob Beerbohm, but someone e-mailed that he may have more stuff than usual up at his site in order to be able to contribute to the care of a daughter that's recently been operated on.

* I always get the feeling that if I don't link to profiles of the writer Beau Smith that someday he'll leave me to die in a saloon somewhere.

* it's over on Facebook, which I understand for many of you is still a dubious proposition, but Noah Van Sciver has his contribution to that Fantastic Four commissioned re-do project posted here.

* missed it: most of what this shares with a comics story is a couple of pieces of art, a career that moved in those arenas and a sense of unbelievable sadness, but here's an article I've had in my bookmarks forever about the Frazetta children and their battles over their father's legacy and their access to the art he created.

* this profile of writer and publisher Jim Ottaviani would be awesome even without all the stupendous photos of Jim reading various comics.

* not comics: I pity the fools who weren't on some level amused by Paul Maybury's impressive-looking sales art.

* I'm not sure why I failed to link to a short, mainstream-media penned history of Catwoman, but I'm sure something about it irritated me. Here it is. That Halle Berry Catwoman movie is totally freaking nuts, by the way, if you're ever bored and up at 4 AM waiting for the shuttle van to the airport.

* praise from Matt Seneca for a 1978 Gary Panter drawing of Jack Kirby.

* our national self-conception wasn't all it could be by the 1970s, was it?

* the great Paul Gravett talks the almost completely ignored George Luks.

* finally, here's the Crater On The Moon site. They do fumetti-style comics, old-school enough that there's a lady in a swimsuit with a bubble-helmet on.
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