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February 7, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in case you missed it, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum launched its Guide To Multicultural Resources yesterday.

image* John Kane discusses Gil Kane. Victor Garcia talks to Axel Alonso. Paul Gravett profiles Will Morris. Martin Wisse profiles Joost Swarte.

* Rob Clough on a bunch of works from Koyama Press. Sean Gaffney on GTO: 14 Days In Shonan Vol. 7. Henry Chamberlain looks at one of those DC Comics straight-to-video film adaptations of a classic superhero comic book. Speaking of which: yikes. Ken H. on Attack on Titan Vols. 2-3. Jon Gorga on "Deep Dark Fears."

* Jessica Drew goes to a disco.

* I don't know that I've seen any photos of the new Schulz library location. I bet other people have. I haven't really looked.

* David Brothers re-runs a two-page comic with a very specific request in mind.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco looks at the DC Comics Valentine's Day cards.

* Mark Evanier notes a moment when MAD had reached enough of a cultural saturation point that a visual reference from the magazine could run on then network-only TV.

* finally, Dean Mullaney makes the point about the size of newspaper strips then and now as dramatically as possible.
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