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February 14, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* McConnell Art is facilitating the sale of Brandon Graham and James Stokoe art to benefit the writer Gary Friedrich. Neal Adams writes about the situation here. And here's an open letter to Nic Cage. Jeff Parker uses the Gary Friedrich situation as one of the springboards for a lengthy discussion on collaboration in comics. Parker's like a blogging madman right now. Ty Templeton provides an alternate view. I haven't sorted out exactly what the hell is going on there, but it's clear that Friedrich is suffering through some financial distress, so I was happy to send him a few dollars.

image* Marc Arsenault sings the praises of Andy Ristaino. Lee Henderson talks to Neal Farber and Michael Dumontier. At some point today, Michael Kupperman will be interviewed by somebody about something. Kupperman is an emerging alt-talent a-lister. Josh West talks to Becky Cloonan. Dan Nadel talks to Jim Shaw. Chris Arrant talks to Nate Simpson. Alex Dueben talks to Mark Siegel and Calista Brill.

* the writers-about-comics David Brothers and Johanna Draper Carlson serve and volley a bit on the nature of piracy and when it's understandable... or not.

* Bob Temuka wonders if you're reading the same comics he is. I'm not reading the comics he's talking about at all, but it's more like he means that even if you're reading it he wonders if you're really reading it and understanding what all the words say.

* Aaron Renier on process.

* it's good to see this SAW workshop with the great John Porcellino sell out.

* Carla Hoffman on Punisher/MAX. Sean Gaffney on A Devil And Her Love Song Vol. 1. Michael May on Howard Lovecraft And The Undersea Kingdom.

* there's a new Drew Friedman print and stop the presses: it's extremely attractive.

* the translations of Guy Delisle's strips from the recent Angouleme Festival continue at Drawn and Quarterly's blog, here and here.

* finally, here's a nice piece of blogging from JK Parkin that wraps up news emanating from last weekend's ComicsPRO meeting.
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